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13-year-old girl!

Posted by Unknown Soldier trên Tháng Mười Hai 21, 2009


Having my first “boyfriend” at the age of 13 is one of the most unforgetable experiences of mine…

At that time, after summer holiday, I went back to school and met all of friends. They changed a lot after the vacation, taller and more attractive. My teacher made some seating rearrangements so I sat with one boy in the same table. M (his name is M) and I talked to each other a lot and found out that we had many things in common. Then in my birthday party, he brought a greeting card that he made with dried red roses. The following day, he invited me to go out with him and some friends, and we had a happy day together.

Day by day, we shared fun and sorrows so we did not concentrate on studying much. Some classmates teased us impolitely, they called us “a rebel couple” and my teacher had a private talk with me about that. As a result, I felt angry and I decided to split up with him immediately. I changed my seat and tried not to think of him anymore. I went through that difficult time very hard. But I did not know that he would suffer from many sadness. However, he did not talk to me even a word for a long long time.

We went to different high schools and I was not connected with him anymore…

Now I wish I would turn back time and would not make that silly decision 😦

2 phản hồi to “13-year-old girl!”

  1. giamillia said

    Your real story, isn’t it? At that age, no one could behave better, aren’t we? too young to do all thing right. Anyway I think it’s very nice, even your “silly decision”. After all it is in your mind ’till now. C’est lavie, 😀

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